I bought a used 2016 XC 90 The sunroof shade will retract and close and the roof will pop up and down but the roof will not go back? I don't know where to start ?
Do you mean when you use the switch just like how you retract the shade one more time (after the shade has fully retracted), the sunroof glass won't move?
Yes the screen goes back an then the roof jumps but will not open it will pop up to the vent mode but not slide back
I have a 2016 XC90 and had issues with my sunroof. My issue was different then yours but they replaced the whole sunroof track and motor with a 2017 version. The dealer said the 2016 model had issues with water getting in and causing electrical problems. On mine when you closed the sunroof it would close then open back up six inches as if it hit something. Thankfully mine was under warranty.