2016 xc90 T6 water leak from sunroof

We have been getting a lot of rain as of late in our area. As my wife was driving, she noticed that there's a water leak originating from the area where the rear view mirror is. It was a significant amount that she got nervous and drove to the dealership right away. Took approximately 2 hours to do a full diagnostic and turns out the leak is from the sunroof. The dealership wants to fix the sealant on the sunroof. Question is, has this happen to anyone with a 2016 xc90? If so, are there any other issues it could potentially arise later on? I notice that the sound system hasn't been right. Could it have been affected by the water? Any input is appreciated. Thanks

Yes, we have had the same issue and have had it serviced 3x. Thought it was finally fixed, but this week we've noticed that the little plastic storage bin in the back, near the right rear, has been filled with water after rain. So it's back. This will be the fourth time we've had to deal with leaks. The first time the dealer ripped up all of the carpeting and replaced the wiring harnesses because it was that bad. Then they replaced the entire sun roof. Our vehicle was one of the first 2016 XC90s built and we were told by the dealer this was a problem with some of those early production vehicles. Hope this helps. You're not alone.