Hey Everyone, New and looking to get into a 2nd gen

My wife and I have been looking to replace her current SUV and we have come to the 2nd gen XC90 and I'm hoping to gain a little knowledge of them before taking the plunge. Any and all advice is welcome!



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Welcome, if you have any specific questions please post
Thanks mike, I’ll post up in a new thread on it. Our main question is how do they compare to new with 50k+ miles. And for the people that do their own maintenance, how is it changing oil, flushing coolant, brake work, and any of the other regular things you have to do when you own a vehicle over the years.


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2017+ has a 4g modem, 2016 only came with a 3g modem to my understanding. Seat's differ from version to version, sit in them all (and drive them all) before you decide.

And the front heated/cooling massage seats are totally worth the cost!
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