Things they don't tell you, but you need to know!

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I'll start.

If your Volvo Sensus Navigation system seems to forget where you are, press the On Call button to re link it to the satellites. My navi was trapped in Washington, while I was driving through beautiful Wyoming all day. The display was fun to watch but completely useless. I only discovered this fix after the On Call people told me that there was absolutely nothing they could do to help me, ouch that sucks.

A toothpick will allow you to press the small button inside the rear view mirror at the bottom, for when you need to turn the compass back on after it randomly turns off. Only happened once so far, at 5500 miles and under a month of ownership. The toothpick also lets you set your magnetic field according to your location, and fine tune the compass.
Did you know...

Once the vehicle has brought you to a full stop while using ACC/PA (adaptive cruse control, pilot assist), you can simply press up (+) on the steering wheel left control pad to engage the vehicle to continue forward, once the vehicle in front moves. Pressing the accelerator also works, but you can press the button while stopped, 4 seconds earlier than using the accelerator. It only stays active for 4 seconds, you can press it continuously while stopped.
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If you have your front camera view activated, it turns off above a certain speed, nothing new there. But what I find cool, is that it will reactivate once you slow down again, below that certain speed (15mph IIRC). You can even change screens while your above that certain speed.
Locking the vehicle at all times (when parked) will help with parasitic battery drain, which can cause a service light.
The vehicle will remember the steering wheel and/or the seat climate settings as long as you don't have presets selected for remote start, under the remote start settings.
You know your key fob can raise and lower all the windows simultaneously, but did you know holding down the lock/unlock button inside the vehicle does the same thing?
Really? I didn't know that one for sure. I will try it when I drive my XC90 next. My wife got a new car, new Discovery HSE LUX. Nice vehicle, would certainly been a contender if it was out when I got the XC90. Now I have the best of both worlds.

You know your key fob can raise and lower all the windows simultaneously, but did you know holding down the lock/unlock button inside the vehicle does the same thing?
Thanks for sharing that. I tried the button inside the vehicle. Magical.
I was able to squeeze 18.436 gallons of gas into the tank.
I own a 2017 and there's a Sensus update available.

First thing you'll notice is a faster start-up after starting the vehicle.
Faster to get to the camera and all other functions.

Also, I noticed slight improvements to the autopilot on the interstate.

And for those finding Android Auto not working after the update, you are now required to have the application Google Voice installed for Android Auto to work in your Volvo.

The braking while on Autopilot has also smoothed out, it is now more consistent with how I would normally brake.

I guess all the modules got updated.
It's like I got a brand new Volvo! Lol

Hope this helps [cheers][coolsmile]
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You can turn on the seat heater with a voice command, at least for the driver.
Seat heat on or seat ventilation on. :)
You can replace the OEM sim card with one from your own carrier, same card they use for a tablet (they may not understand this), just without the tablet. It is the larger sim card. Here is where the sim card is located.
If you are connecting via your phone hotspot, like I do, it is probably best to use the 5 ghz frequency (under your phones advanced settings). 5GHz provides faster data rates at a shorter distance, whereas 2.4GHz offers coverage for farther distances, but may perform at slower speeds.
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For those who are using their phones as hot spots...and possibly experience long connection start up times, or connection errors.

Your hotspot should be on before you approach the vehicle. Sensus starts up when you are near the vehicle, prior to touching the door handle.

If the white globe has a line through it, you are not connected to the internet (top left on the display).
If your vehicle is equipped with the air suspension option, the vehicle must remain on during any wheel alignments.

Turning the air suspension off for service doesn't apply to alignments.