2008 Volvo XC90 high beams don't work

I have checked bulbs and fuses and all are ok. The high beams just don't come on, any advice on how to get them working, appreciated

Just a thought have you put the headlight switch on as opposed to auto? When they are on the auto setting the highs don’t work on mine.

Maybe worth checking?

Thanks Simon for the thought. Sorry you have the same problem. Pretty ridiculous not to be able to get the highlights working! I have tried everything (including your suggestion,seeing if there\s current coming to the bulb, the fuses, etc.). Nothing. Not sure what to do, for now surviving with the low lights. Best, Iain
there is a fair chance that your multi-function switch (controls high beams, turn signals, etc.) is to blame. I would see if you can swap an used one from a junk yard car to see if it makes a difference.