Thoughts about a 2008 XC90 3.2 ?


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I'm looking at a 2008 XC90 3.2 with 178K miles with a clean title and 2 or 3 owners. It's going for $6K.

The owner says she recently had the water pump, serpentine belt replaced, and fuel injector pump replaced within the last year.

But she also said the vehicle has the following problems:

-Front wipers need new fuse, and back windshield wiper needs a new fuse and blade;
-The front struts are seeping;
-The sensors are broken and need to be fixed "for tire pressure & check engine." In other words, as far as the owner knows, there is nothing wrong with the engine -- the tire pressure light is on because the tire pressure sensors need to be fixed;

I'm curious to hear what the general take is on this XC90's year / configuration, other users' experiences with it, what kinds of repairs / expense I ought to consider (and how I might mitigate them) -- and generally if I should avoid this vehicle.

I'd also welcome what others think of this range of problems for the struts and sensors. And if I should have my mechanic examine certain parts of this vehicle for other particular issues, and if there's anything else we should look at to determine if it's reasonably repairable or if we should pass on it. Thanks!
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