2008 XC90 3.2 FWD 99k to sale or not - will it make 200k miles?

For safety reasons I purchased this 2008 XC90 with 80k miles for my
17 your old daughter , now it has 99k and I am wondering whether or not to
Sale or see if it will make it to 200k miles and at what expense. Anyone with 2008 3.2 FWD
Please respond with your mileage and what was repairs were needed. Thanks, former 122s owner
That had 400,00 on it and a 1993 240 with 150k when I sold them
Well, I don't have a 2008, but I have a 2007 with the 3.2L and FWD. It currently has about 132k on the odo. We bought this car a few months ago, replacing a V90 with over 220k on its odo. My experiences with Volvos (we've owned six now) is they're easily good for 200k. Our V90 was still a very tight, responsive car at 200k. The only reason why we retired it was because I managed to wreck it (ouch!). We've had two 760s that clocked over 220k -- still have one of them, sold the other. Still solid cars at that mileage. You can expect to incur repair issues, some which might be fairly pricey. Like we had the front suspension overhauled on the V90 and, on another occasion, had to replace its transmission, both of which were costly repairs. But the way we've always looked at it is it beats the heck out of a $400+ a month car payment.

Your XC90 with 99k on the odo isn't even broke in yet, is the way I'd look at that car. Drive it, and don't worry about it. My Volvo mechanic, whom I've known and done business with for 20 years, tells me that the 2007 and later XC90s are the most reliable. So that's something, at least.