What is everyone trading in for the XC90?

What are you trading in to get the XC90?
I traded in my 2013 BMW X5 40D for a new XC90 T8 Hybrid.


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Was there anything wrong with the X5 or you just needed more space?
Nothing wrong with the X5, it's a very good car, and 'yes' we want more space.
We got to see the new XC90 at a preview and loved it so much that we bought one the very next day.
I traded the Jeep Compass...ha. Big change. I should disclose that prior to the Jeep, I had an Acura MDX that I loved! MDX transmission went out once at 92k miles and again at 102k. I loved everything about that car though. Had just added onto our family and wanted something cheap and new (warranty) so we had the Compass for 4 very long years. My husband would never buy another Acura and I felt like the XC90 was a very close comparison.
2013 Nissan Pathfinder. Great vehicle, well appointed. Then the CVT transmission "slipped" once with just me in the car and the then once with my two boys in it. Car was gone the following week.

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Ford Galaxy 2009 will be replaced by Osmium gray T8 Inscription within a few weeks after an 8 month wait
Not sure. Getting it as it is bigger and better for travelling (and the VW Diesel mess is allowing us to get out of the Golf easily).

Might be selling a 2015 Wrangler Hard Rock.
2015 Ford Explorer Limited. Former BMW X3 and X5 owner. Waiting for my 2017 T6 inscription to arrive !
I have a beautiful 1998 Jaguar VDP. I might even keep it, since the trade value is so little ...

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I traded 2011 Toyota Sienna Limited AWD as I no longer needed such a large car
Traded my loaded and lifted 2015 SCrew, no regrets!

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Had a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland, has to give it up due to lease, replaced it with 2018 XC90. Didn't need more room just wanted to explore other options, two minutes into the test drive I fell in love with it. I loved my Jeep but I love my Volvo even more