Considering buying xc90, how is long term reliability

Hi all,

I am new and considering a xc90 to replace my Ford F-150 as lease is almost up. I have narrowed my choice down to:
Volvo XC90
Audi Q7
Lincoln MKT

Other choices with outside chance:
Mercedes GLE400-found seats uncomfortable after sitting for long duration
Land Rover Discovery Spot HSE-reliability issues concern me & high percentage of unsatisfied owners
Cadillac Escalade-poor fuel economy and high cost of purchase only concerns here

The things I like about the xc90 is the styling, high safety rating and the large cargo area perfect for my two large dogs
Things that concern me is long term reliability

This is why I signed up here, I really like the Volvo,s overall look and the only true competitor I'm considering is the Audi Q7 which has a high reliability rating and high customer satisfaction

Mercedes GLE400 was at the top of list until I had a loaner for one day while my wife's Mercedes E350 coupe was in for oil change: note-don't like the $350 oil changes
But the seats become super uncomfortable after driving over 1 hour.

This time around comfortable seats is one of my top boxes that must be checked

Please help me out

I bought a new, loaded 2017 T8 Inscription in 9/17. In 15K miles the car has been ‘bulletproof’. I’ve taken it in for the required 12K mile service, and three weeks ago I had the front brake rotors and pads replaced under the TSB. That’s it.