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Hello everyone,

My husband and I have caught the Volvo bug and decided to buy a used XC90. We usually drive about 8k miles (I'm in the US) each year. The main reasons for looking at the XC90 are safety and the space to lug stuff around (we have one kiddo and hopefully many more to come).
I've poked around enough to have learned a few things from this forum, but being new to the world of Volvo I have a few questions. We're looking at used 2010-2013 XC90s FWD 3.2L I6. I've found several with under 100k miles but most XC90s I've found have more than 100k miles.mobdro

  1. I've found one 2010 XC90 in particularly good condition with an owner who babies the car. Stellar service records. It has about 200k miles. I know what people say about Volvos lasting forever if taking care of properly, but the high mileage still makes me nervous. What parts might be getting ready to go at 200k miles? Any big things to check into? We're committed to doing regular maintenance and service at a local Swede imports mechanic that comes highly recommended. We love cars, but right now we don't have the knowledge, space, or time to diy the upkeep.
  2. What's the issue with the AWD vs. the FWD on the XC90s? I've avoided looking for ones with AWD, but would prefer AWD if it won't cause too many problems. Can anyone enlighten me here?
  3. I'll take any XC90 to the trusty mechanic for a PPI, but is there anything specific I should ask about? Or, will a proper mechanic just know what to look for?
  4. Not really important, but what is the deal with the leather seats on Volvos? Why do they all look like crap? Is it an issue of owners not caring for the leather or is it really just that the leather is particularly prone to wearing, even with proper care?
Thanks a bunch!
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