Buying a used 2016 from CarMax- Tire noise


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We are looking to replace my wife's Lexus NX200T with a XC90, Can't afford brand new, looking for used in the 40k range. Being from the North, we defiantly want the climate package and the wife will not budge on having a charcoal interior & either black/white exterior. Needless to say, there is slim pickings. We ended up paying to have Carmax transfer a 2016 T6 mom w/conv. & climate package to our local store (2 kids now & don't have time to travel far to car shop). Car has 38k miles, only two tires were replaced, all look like they have decent tread left. When we test drove the interior road noise was so loud coming from the rear I ask if they would look at it for fear of a bad wheel bearing or something. They did and "assured" me that it was just road noise coming from the tires.
Not sure what to do, we love the car, it is here, there is no other ones within a 200 mile radius that fits the criteria. I'm thinking of asking them to give a credit - even if its $500 so that I can can replace ALL four tires with some Continental Cross Contact LX25. Thinking we would definitely take Carmax's extended warranty program. Would love to hear your input, were looking to pull the trigger today/tomorrow.