Buying a New XC90...not going well

So my wife and I have been looking for a new car. So far we have looked at, and driven, the XC90 T6 Inscription, Audi Q7, Infinity QX60, and the Volkswagen Atlas. On the last drive of the XC90, we ended up driving a (mostly) fully loaded Inscription, and the sales put on the massage function for the front seats. The wife fell in love and that sold her. But we didn't like the color of the one we were driving, but gave the salesman all our information for follow up.

A couple days later, salesman called and said he got a new one in that's really nice. Fully loaded, won't last long. This car has everything except for Polestar (which don't typically come on Inscriptions anyway), running boards, and booster seat. It had EVERY other option. So I drive by and see it. Fall in love with it and, without telling my wife, put a deposit on it to hold it. Dealer said deposit was fully refundable, so I went for it. She travels for work, so she wouldn't be back for a week and I wanted to make sure we got it. Once I sent her the pics and gave her the details of the car, she was fine it, especially since she works for a company that gives us A Plan discount, plus dealer incentives at the time went for an additional $7500 on top of A Plan discount. We both looked around and could not find a better deal for the same price, so we went for it.

The very next week, I had to travel to the east coast for a school and I'd be gone for 9 weeks, so we wanted to get this finalized.

The salesman was also on vacation until the next Wed, which was fine, because we weren't in a huge hurry. But when he got back, he called and we finalized details. They threw in front tinted windows and all-weather mats. We spoke on a Friday and I wanted to make sure the windows would be done and the finance guy had everything prepared. Since I was flying back the next day to sign the paperwork, I wanted to make sure everything was lined up because I didn't want to spend all morning at the dealership when i had my three kids with me. That same weekend, my wife was on a girls trip and I wanted to surprise her with the car. We finalized details and things were good to go. Except they weren't.

About an hour later, while I was in class, the salesman called me back. I stepped out of the room because I had a feeling it was bad news since we had JUST spoken. "Bad news," he says. "Apparently this past Wednesday, there was a flash flood. Your car, plus 14 others got flooded out." Apparently, they move new and pending sales in a back lot, that just happens to be next to a stream.
"What!?" I said.
"Yeah. It happened. Unfortunately for both of us, yours was the most expensive of them. This is costing the dealer over $1M because insurance isn't paying for a lot of it."
Floored, I asked, "So what does this mean?"
"Good news, is that we can find you the exact same car, or better, for the same price."
"Probably about 2 weeks."
"Ok," I said, "I guess we don't have an option."

We hang up, and I text my wife about the spoiled surprise, and what had happened. She was dumbfounded too that this would happen. I got on Volvo's website and started looking for the exact same vehicle. No match within 100 miles of several major midwest cities. Do some research, and find out that Baltimore, near where I currently am for school, is the import city for Volvos. Surely there's a match near here. Nope! She also did some searches and when we talk again, we decide that the onus is on him and the dealer to make this right. If they can't, they should make it right with a 2020 for the same price. We agree this is our strategy.

When i didn't hear from salesman the next week, I give him a call. "Good news!" he says, "We found an exact match of your car!"
"That is good news!" I say.
"But it doesn't have the air suspension."
"Well then it's not an exact match, is it?"
"Well the original car you drove didn't have it, so you probably won't miss it." He's trying to talk me out of the air suspension, and I think it's because they can't find an exact match of the 2019.
"No. We want the same car," I said.
"Well would you want a different color?" he asks.
"No. We fell in love with the silver."
"Ok, well then our only other option is to a build," he says.
"Of a 2020?"
"Yes. They're not building the 2019s anymore."
YESSSS! I say in my mind. "Ok, and same price yes? Same incentives?"
"Same price. I don't know if incentives will transfer over to the 2020," he says.
"Now you told me it'd be the same car, or better, for the same price."
"I'll see what I can do," he says. Not a promise, but I'll hold him to it.
I ask him how long and he says, "8 weeks or sooner."

So now we wait. This was all last week so I'm hoping to have a brand new 2020 in a couple months. We're actually excited for the 2020 because it has 2nd row captains chairs which we both prefer.

More to come. The pics below are the 2019 we had put a deposit on.


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That's interesting. My Dad ordered his last week, and it's being built rather than coming from stock. He's been advised that it is due to arrive second half of September, about 8 weeks from order to delivery. The boat across the Atlantic must have some serious speed if yours is arriving to the same time scale!


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Vehicles can be traded to and from local (or not so local) dealerships for a fee. That's how I got the exact one I wanted, in less than a weeks time frame.


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That red R-Design in the pic looks vaguely familiar to me.
Vehicles can be traded to and from local (or not so local) dealerships for a fee. That's how I got the exact one I wanted, in less than a weeks time frame.
Apparently they looked and couldn't find an exact match. Keep in mind this is the last of 2019s before the 20's hit the lots. So this car is pretty rare. I even looked myself at several large metropolitan areas.