Not impressed with XC90 headlights


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2012 Volvo XC90 R design
Hi all! I just recently purchased a 2012 Volvo XC90 R Design. This vehicle has the Xenon Active Bending Lights. I love the Active Bending feature, but the brightness and coverage are not what I had hoped for. I just learned that when the high beams are switched on, it really just tilts the ABLs up. I often drive on dark roads and I see better with the regular beams and fog lights on than I do with the high beams on. Switching between the highs and regular beams is a zero improvement. Does anyone else have this same opinion? Is there a possible problem with the headlights? From appearance and with no fault or failure codes, the lights seem to be working as they are supposed to. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how easy it is to remove the assembly and I've inspected all the connections. I've even tried to adjust the aim using the two white turning knobs on each assembly. Finally, the center of the driver-side beam seems more pronounced than the passenger-side beam. Is this pattern normal?

Is it possible to swap out the ABL assemblies for non-ABL assemblies? Are the non-ABL assemblies any brighter or do they have better coverage. Would I gain anything by doing that? (if possible)

Still love the XC90, just not the headlights.

Thanks for any help on this issue.

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