Newbie - 2mos With ‘24 XC90 Recharge

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2024 XC90 Recharge
Took ownership of my ‘24 Recharge just before year’s end, and I’m on the learning curve. To wit, I just discovered the storage cubby to left of steering wheel yesterday 😂😂.

I’m using early months and miles to optimize use of the Pure and Hybrid modes.

Drive car in Hybrid for first two weeks and averaged 37mpg.

Since that fill I’ve put about 1,050 miles by charging nightly and prioritizing Pure mode, and fuel gauge says I’ve got a 1/4 tank left.

I’ve discovered using Google Maps with round trips planned on my phone and sent to car makes a big impact on optimizing battery usage in Hybrid mode.

While most of my driving is for acts of daily living in American suburbia, I do make regular highway treks to stadium where I work game days, and fly-fishing locations in the region. Plotting out an excursion, as around trip seems to ensure battery is involved entire trip rather than being consumed from the jump. I’m also not above gaming the system by adding a couple stops between point A and home to delay battery drain 😉😉.

There’s surely quirks such as not knowing how much gas you really have - cuz (a) 4 light blips versus traditional “F to E” scale of my other, older wheels & (b) the miles to empty numbers a purely predicted by past driving.

And then there is the B versus D mode conundrum. I’m letting my experiences teach me what works best for me.

All in all, through about 1,500 miles I absolutely love the ride and my experience so far.

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