2024 XC90 Recharge T8 will only charge at the Dealership.

United States
What I Drive
2024 XC90
I took delivery of my 2024 XC 90 Recharge T8 on 27 November 2023. I will stick to the facts.
1. I was able to charge the vehicle with the supplied Volvo cable twice plugging it into my home electrical system standard (US) before the first OTA update.
2. After the update the vehicle would not charge.
3. Dealership Service Manager took control of my service appointment. They were able to charge using the cable and their Level 2 charger.
4. When I arrived home, it used almost all the charge to travel the 18 miles home, the vehicle would not charge using the supplied cable. The Service Manager tried to claim that I had an issue with my electrical system.
5. I had a Level 2 charger installed by my energy supplier and it passed inspection by the city. The vehicle completed another OTA update in January 2024, but it did not help the situation. My certified Level 2 charger would not charge the vehicle. I ran all of the troubleshooting requested by the manufacturer's Tech rep that I had on the phone. We took the Amps down from 50 to 40, 30, 20, and finally to 16 Amps with a hard reboot between each one (turning off the breaker between the Meter and the power). Each time I would get in the Level 2 devices' app that the session was initiated by the software of the charging system in the SUV, and stopped by the software in the charging system of the SUV!
6. I took it back to the Dealer, and they again tried to blame it on my home system. Even the Level 2 charger. Because they were able again, to charge the SUV.
7. I have tried two different brand public Level 2 chargers, with the same results.
8. I spoke with a Corporate customer service person. He was no help at all except to tell me to take it back to the Dealer.
9. I guess, I am lucky that I live in a state that has an automobile "Lemon Law". I just have to endure taking the SUV back a total of four times for the same thing before I can use it.
10. Buyers beware, also, and this is just plain "not thought through" by the Engineers, you have to lock the SUV and then plug in the cable to start the charging session. This means, wait for it, you are out in the cold or heat to charge the SUV! So far I have verified that Tesla, Nissan Leaf, and Toyota Prius, you can remain in the vehicles. Most public Level 2 charging stations are not indoors! This is only good for you if you do all of your charging at home, which is not practical, to say the least.