Does your sensus screen get hot?

We are looking to buy the new XC90 T6 momentum. I've seen vids on youtube where people said the screen get super hot quickly.. Do you find that to be the case for you?
There is a Sensus update that is supposed to help with this. Mine used to get so hot it would shut down leaving me lost without ac [shameful]

After discovering this issue, I tinted the front windshield and added some dot matrix around/below the rear-view mirror which resolved it prior to the update. Tint was planned anyways.

If you look at the new XC60 dash, they have increased the vertical angle to resolve this, keeping the sun from making direct contact.
Thanks! The vids made it seems like it was an electronic issue not an outer element issue like the sun. Now Im a bit concerned since it didn't really occur to me that everything is digital - no knobs...Something to think about for the future longevity of the vehicle's screen.