2019 xc90 seatbelt warning does not work


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1: When I drive, stop in red , and take off seat belt. and then drive again, there is no warning anyway
2: For testing purpose, the seat belts were unbuckled for passenger's seats alternatively, the "seats" on the dashboard turned into red briefly with no alerting sound.
3: If I never buckle the seat belt, the Volvo will beep and sound and picture warning only once, never warning again

This problem exists with my car and another XC90.

Is the problem resolvable by technician or should be return to manufacture because I think it is sensor or software problem most likely
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How would remote start work if that was the case? Is this a new option?

When automatic braking is on, you can not move the vehicle without seat belts being engaged where passengers are sitting (fronts only?).