Can't make iPhone calls by voice, because XC90 doesn't recognize my contacts

I own a new XC90 and use an iPhone 6. My old GM car was superior at making/receiving hands-free calls through my iPhone. If anyone has a remedy for the following issue, please let me know:

1) Incoming calls/texts to my iPhone are recognized by the XC90 through bluetooth, no problem. The name associated with the caller in my iPhone contacts list is displayed on the screen. Same for incoming text messages. So all good there.
2) If I make a hands-free outgoing call, my audible names used, based on what I call them in my iPhone contacts, are not recognized by my car. Which sucks, because then I have to pull over, stop and dial manually. Not convenient for business on the road. I need to be able to speak the name I want to call! I can sometimes speak the phone number (if I have it memorized), and the car will call the right person--but sometimes not :/

If you know of a solution to this situation please help a girl out!
I can recommend 2 solutions: Apple CarPlay, then you can call/text anyone through Siri, you just have to connect phone as you would be charging it (you probably do it anyway), then you can navigate all your contacts from the phone on the volvo touch screen and just select manually or use Siri to call, you can practice at home: Hey Siri text my mom, Hey Siri call Eva's cell, etc

the second less perfect option: there is a menu button on the R side of the steering wheel, it lets your call last used 5-6 phone numbers

Hope it helps !