Can't Reset PIN

So my daughter's 2-year old was noodling with the console on her 2017 XC90 , and managed to initiate the master PIN for locking the tailgate. He locked it, and now we can't unlock it without the master PIN. The dealer tried wiping the system and rebooting, but it's still locked. Nobody seems to know what to do! Any thoughts out there? Thanks!
Glove box is locked too I assume?

"A security code has to be selected the first time this function is used. This code is used to deactivate any previously used PIN codes. Keep this code in a safe place. If private locking is activated and the vehicle is unlocked using Volvo On Call or the Volvo On Call mobile app, it will be automatically deactivated."

Not sure how to edit or reset the pin, call 1 (800) 550-5658