Vibrations under braking and steering right

I have a 2004 D5 auto. Recently I have severe vibrations when steering right and also vibrations under braking. While braking the car seems to sway a bit to the right.

I have had 2 new front tyres today, rears are 6 months old. Rear discs and pads 6 months ago, tie rod ends and tracking done 3 months ago.

This has slowly gotten worse over the past couple of weeks.

I don't use it every day mainly on weekends and don't go that far.

Today while the tyres were changed the garage did their "inspection" and discs, pads and suspension visually look ok.

I can do quite a bit of work myself but just looking for some pointers on where to start.

I've looked up a bit online and have found all sorts so just looking for a few opinions.

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