Upgrade to bigger wheels.

Hi, I just bought a 2018 XC90 T5. It came with 19" silver wheels (235/55/19). Any recommendation to upgrade to a bigger size? I don't like the silver color. I'd prefer a dark/black wheel color.
Any recommendation is appreciated.
Mine came with 21" for free as it was on the lot but i would have never paid for that. A bit less comfortable ride and way more expensive tires
You?re right. I do hear bigger wheels look nice but not very comfortable as they have less rubber. Perhaps I should be happy with my 19? rims. I guess I can always do powder coating or plasti dip to change the wheel color.
Thanks for the reply.
i would do stock R wheels... i have 21" on my SUV and ride is a little rough. ( i had test drove car ith 19" wheels ride was much better)