IntelliSafe Assist Upgrade

Here in Hawaii we?re waiting on the ?new? Volvo dealer to get up to speed after the ?old? one lost its franchise license, including having a NJ-based tech line assistant fly out at the beginning of this month to T/S my environmental fan constantly running issue (turned out to be a corroded wiring harness).

As such, it?s been a couple weeks since I asked about the subject line accessory feature and have gotten no updates, being told they?re checking on necessary tools and skill set to avoid bricking my ride.

Has anyone done this upgrade on their XC90? Would you do it again? How much did you pay? How long did it take? Any follow-on problems or concerns?

Mahalo for the help!

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We paid for it on our 2016 XC90 Inscription. Would highly recommend it. Well worth the $385 cost.