Tires on your xc90

Just a little curious. Anyone own a xc90 that doesn't have Pirelli tires. Had a problem with Pirelli several years ago when 3 tires on daughter's x60 had goose eggs pop up on sidewalls. Pirelli said since I bought car used I was on my own. Swore I would own another setoff tires from them.
"Goose eggs" don't typically "pop up" on tires without some sort of impact. In the past, I've ran over a street gutter by getting too close to the curb, and it left a nice softball size bump after a few days of growing. Lower profile tires are more prone to this.

FWIW, you can purchase road hazard protection including your balance & tire rotation's on your new vehicle at Discount Tire for around the price of 1 tire.

I will be purchasing Michelins next though.
Yeah the pirellis were standard but I don?t think I have much choice after because of the size. 275/35r22. I have a smaller winter set with Bridgestone blizzak.

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Check on Discount tire direct. They often post "acceptable/optional" tire sizes. While I do not endorse giving you the suggestion of changing the tire size, I can honestly say I have done it more than a few times over the years. I wouldn't see much of an issue going .5" larger on the height. which only decreases the gap between the tire and fender opening by .25"

275/40/22 or 285/35/22 will be really close. So would a 265/40/22

Best of luck