PA3! Upgrading from PA2.

PA3 is out. Supposedly good up to 120mph now, and better corner control. $600 to upgrade, I'll report more after some driving time.


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It's not the speed increase that matters to me; it's the inconsistency around curves. Looking forward to finding out what you think.
Does anyone know if the 2019's XC90 T8's come with PA2 or the PA3?
Shows in the system, but is not available quite yet....bummer!
Is there hardware to swap with this upgrade? $600 seems like a lot for a software update to me. If it's all labor, that's 6 hours at $100/hour... or are we paying for the software development of bug fixes / enhancements? What's your take?
It is only a software upgrade for PA2. Yes, I agree $600 is to much, but what are ya gonna do?

There was a "Free" update with PA2 that seemed to improve braking smoothness. Updates are free, new software costs, like with everything else when upgrading.
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