Lost center display in driver's window between Speedo and Tachometer

We just took our 2016 XC90 Inscription for a "software update" to fix the disappearing center screen in front of the driver; not the center display on the dash.
Seems our radio/ navigation/ email notifications were not being displayed consistently; would come and go.
The software update today (free) seems to have fixed this issue.
BTW, our settings on the center stack display were FOR the radio to be displayed for the driver display (can be turned on and off by choice).
Update; the dealership replaced the 1) software, then 2) the wiring from the center stack to the center display (speed and tach area) then 3) the "IHU" Integrated Head Unit?.
All 3 of these service visits were covered under warranty, thank goodness. 38k miles on odometer
I was told the IHU cost $4,400 and the labor to install it would be over $1k. Wow.
It IS fixed now but we still do not see our email/ text displayed in the center display (betw. the speed and tach.)