Center Screen rebooting

hi All,

Today I took a trip in my 4 week old (2018) model XC90 D5 - Had no issues the past 4 weeks, but during today's return leg, the center screen rebooted and once it was back up again it had the previous destination set and started navigating there... when I clicked cancel, it rebooted again... eventually after the second reboot it seemed to be stable again... These reboots are not a lot of fun if you're navigating out of a new city that you've never been in before... ;-)

So I did a quick search on the forum and found 2 links:
but both of them last post in Feb'18 and Jun'18 respectively... so it does not seem to be a very common issue..?

It was max 6C outside today (first couple of cold days this season), but I don't think temp is an issue, as the unit is on the inside of the cabin... - and I think we can safely assume it gets a smidgen colder in Sweden than it does in the south of England ;-)

Anyone have any insights?

Have your dealership check for a computer update.
Had the same issue for a feb-2018 manufacture date. Purchased on May-18.
Did a total upgrade at the dealer and issue was resolved.
Before doing so. Make sure you update maps, gracenote and voice commands. I was advised by the tech to do that prior to the update to save time and make sure the iOS update sits well with those apps.

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