2019 xc90 check engine light


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Good morning and hope someone can shed some light on an issue we are having. We bought a brand new 2019 xc90 back in February 2019. About 3 weeks ago, we had the check engine light come on. The volvo service dept we use told us that they sync to Volvo and the codes that come through tell them what to do, and what to fix. After getting a response from Volvo, they went and replaced the evaporator canister valve. They test drove the car, the check engine light went off. We get the car back, the light comes back on. We take it back, and its been there over a week. Today, we got information that said this problem code is very similar to what was on the 2017 and 2018 models. The problem is that the design of the 2019 doesnt allow you to fix it as this code doesnt show you the actual problem. They are now going to do a smoke test today.

Should I be concerned that this car has got problems? Thanks


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I wouldn’t be worried
Volvo’s track records show that they take care of their customers, specially in your case where your vehicle is brand new.

Nothing to worry about abut it’s just an annoyance.

Document everything thou.

Good luck.

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