2016+ Volvo XC90 Preferred Alignment Specs (No Side-Hop) 17 18 19 AWD Air Suspension


Final Specs:

Had my XC90 alignment done within specifications, but it miss behaved at highway speeds. I had the dreaded side-hop issue, where my Volvo would sway side to side quickly at speeds above 70mph.

Note: Disable Air Suspension and Easy Entrance prior to the alignment, if equipped. The Air Suspension will need to be disabled after the tech pulls your vehicle onto the alignment rack, as it resets when driven.

I had another alignment done today, and after some Googling, I read something from a user named Pax5, who suggested this for the last generation.


Basically you want your front wheels toe-in as close to zero as possible, pointing "in" a little is good, but no more than -0.02 to -0.05. Note the minus sign and the value is one hundreth, not one tenth. Many techs ignore this and align to 0.2! Then they'll say, it still meets Volvo spec. Yes, but it is not optimal.

Toe-in rears preferably zero (0.00), but that is hard to achieve, and requires a competent tech who has patience!

Other adjustment is Camber: have it adjusted to the center of the Volvo spec, same for both sides.
End Quote.

Since some don't appreciate the metrics, I told them to toe in 2/64ths all around after some confusion of negatives and positives, and how it relates to in or out.

2/64 toe in, on all 4, has greatly improved my ride quality. I may choose to toe out the front wheels the same 2/64 next time to compare...my G8 GT is aligned with toe out to improve turn in, but that vehicle is more performance driven/orientated. For the XC90, I wanted the best ride quality at the speed the vehicle is capable of. And for reference, my rear toe in prior to my alignment was 4/64...so yes, a little toe makes a lot of difference.

I also had new Michelin Premier LTX tires installed two weeks ago, and alignment. I wouldn't purchase another tire for this vehicle, these michelins are so smooth and quiet they should have come on the vehicle to begin with.

Attachments and link below for reference.


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Michelin Premier LTX A/S


12,000 miles with this alignment and I've got even wear across the tire on all four tires. 7/32" tread depth remaining from 8/32" tread depth when new. Much quieter on concrete than the Pirelli.
Currently at 54500 miles, with 5/32 tread wear all around, even across the tire.

Final Preferred Alignment Spec:

With a full gas tank, 2/64 toe in front, 1/64 toe in rear.

Checking again after emptying the tank, the rear is close to 0 toe.