2016 Issues Resolved?

Hi all,

I am considering purchasing a used 2016 XC90 but am concerned about many reports of issues from "year 1". These range from random emergency braking / locking, computer hangups and reboots, transmission issues, noises, etc. I know Volvo has released several updates to their software over the past few years so I am wondering if this has resolved many of these issues or if they are still popping up. Any thoughts on 2016 reliability? Have you seen improvements or should I stay away and look for a newer model?

Thank you!
I posted this same comment under the Relability thread separate

I owned a 2015 Subaru Outback Limited and ordered it brand new. It had radio/navigation issues from day one and the radio head unit Subaru admitted was an issue (needed improvements).
I traded the Subaru for my 2016 Volvo XC90 Inscription edition in June, 2016 and have NEVER looked back. Two totally different rides as far as SUV's. Volvo is world's ahead of Subaru in comfort, reliability and conveniences. Subaru has a lot of catching up to do but the price of the Volvo is basically double that of a Subaru so no comparison in pricing difference. Subaru is definitely cheaper to buy.
In the two years I have owned this car from new, it has performed as a reliable vehicle.
We have had multiple software updates, a pass. door outside thermometer replaced twice before being fixed and checked for a callback on wiring issue (no problem found). All the maintenance has been covered under warranty EXCEPT for the rear brakes (pads and rotors) having to be replaced at 30k miles. I thought/ think this is odd but am hearing this from other car lines when asking about it (electronic rear brakes and computer controlled).

We love our Volvo XC90 with 30k miles and Air ride suspension on it and would definitely buy one again.

The worst thing i can say about it is the factory Pirelli tires are noisy at speed. I won't be replacing the 21 inch. Pirelli's on this car in the future. Not a lot of choices but Continental is one.

Hope this helps.