Anyone having issues starting up their 2016 XC90 Inscription intermittently?

My XC90 is back at the dealership for the 3rd time as previous 'software updates' did not seem to help. I'm at the end of my rope and am not sure the dealership knows what to do to troubleshoot this vehicle. I asked if they have any logs to go back to and they said that the computer is not showing any errors. Just curious if I'm the only one having this issue. Back in late Aug, the SUV took multiple tries to start and then check engine light came on and the reduced performance light. Serviced it w/a software issue. In the beginning of Nov, it happened multiple times where it take 3 - 4 attempts to get it to turn over. Back to the shop and another software update. Now in Dec and it happened again. I sent video of the instance and Volvo can't recreate it. Probably won't happen for another 4 - 6 weeks but it's not comforting not knowing whether it is truly fixed.[}(]
Anyone else experiencing the issue? It seems like I have to let it sit for a minute or two before trying it and get out of the car and take the keys to ensure everything shuts down.
Sounds like lemon territory. Talk to the GM and if no buy back then speak to a lemon law attorney
I haven't heard of anyone having the issue for quite some time. I know early 2016's were a little buggy, but I thought software updates fixed it.

Sorry you are having issues with yours that seem to be going undiagnosed. Call the corporate 800 number and ask to have the issue escalated as you feel your dealership is running out of options/expertise to troubleshoot the issue.

Good luck,

Thanks Rob. I just called Volvo Customer Care Dept at 1-800-550-5658 and they opened a case for me.
Glad to help. Hopefully they can get more eyes on the situation to find the root cause.

So my latest update is that Volvo could never recreate this condition. They opened a case with Corporate and they recommended replacing the Junction Block, where all of the wiring comes together. My service receipt showed the following verbiage of what they exactly did: Performed Pin Connection for Fuel Pump module/ECM Fuse box in right front floor area replaced. I'm hoping this is the answer! I really enjoy driving the vehicle when all of the software works.