XC90 Questions/Help


New member
I just purchased a 2008 XC90 Premium. 113k miles.

1. Taking in Tues for trans software updates and flush.
2. Do I need navigation (VNS) DVD updates from 2009 thru 2018?
3. Any other software updates I may need?
3. BLIS is acting up on left (driver's ) side. Do I just reset?
4. Glovebox lock is damaged. I can find new latches, but not the lock. Anyone know where to get the lock?
5. They ran the power steering reservoir low. I filled it up but the pump is still whining. Probably have to replace it?
6. Also trying to purchase the missing cover/door on the diagnostics port by the parking brake.
7. Auto trans shifter sticking in park sometimes. Suggestions?

Thanks for any help. Shane in Ohio.