Wait times

What did everyone experience for wait times? I ordered our Momentum 2 weeks ago now.

I ordered an XC90 a little over 2 weeks ago from a local dealer. I believe they said 8-10 weeks to get it (may have been 6-9)

I called and emailed the dealer for a status. They said they cannot get a status for 10-15 days after the order is put in.

Is this true? I am thinking they actually did not put in the order. I want to make sure before I look around for another one locally (or not that local) that is close to the specs I ordered.

Thanks in advance
I ordered a 2017 XC90 T6 Inscription in early October 2016. The order had to be finalized on 10/18/2016. I made sure I was in two weeks prior to that with my order.

It is now 01/13/2017 and I still have no idea where my new XC90 is or when it will show up. The dealer can't seem to find where it is now. They thought maybe next weekend, but that would mean it has to be in the US, which nobody can seem to confirm.
I'm finally picking up my new Inscription today. It showed up at the dealer on Thursday, but needed to go through the process of detail, inspection, tinting the front windows, and getting the clear bra protection on the front. I can't wait to finally have it after over 4 months of waiting.