Volvo On Call - Phone app a little 'goofy'

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2016 XC90
I understand this is new and that it is 'software' so I am not too worked up about this, just sharing.

Set up the Volvo On Call app connecting my iPhone to my new XC90. While in the house with vehicle parked in the garage, my app randomly pops up a message indicating my car is now unlocked. I haven't initiated any action to unlock the car... Checked the car, one time it was still locked, the other time it was not (unsure if I locked it when I got out).

Mentioned it at dealer yesterday, they said software update may fix this...

Again, sky is not falling, not ranting about this, just sharing.

P.S. I work in computer industry, I understand how buggy software can be (especially new releases of anything)...

P.S.(2) There are some cool features in the app, like the ability to send the driver a location and have it automatically feed into Navigation (hey, come pick me up here...accept...voila)

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