Reduced Engine Performance when hard acceleration

We just brought our 2018 T6 XC90 into the dealership for service today. The car started throwing the "Reduced Engine Performance" error after every hard acceleration. Once the error is thrown the car is shaky and won't drive pass 24 mph. The dealership thinks its a software issue. They've had one similar issue that ended with Volvo buying the car back. Has anybody else experienced this issue with their XC90?
let us know what turns out to be the issue.
Will do. We are still waiting for an update form the dealership, the car has been there since Monday. It sounds like they are working with Volvo to see what next steps are.
Just got word back from my dealership. It sound like the ECU thinks the engine is misfiring and placing the vehicle in reduced engine performance mode. He says the engine seems fine and is not misfiring. Volvo Corporate is seeing if they can come up with a fix, they say they will let us know what they find out tomorrow.
Any update on what went wrong?

I had a similar issue in which the vehicle had overall extremely poor performance and stuttered on acceleration, and it resulted in a faulty 02 sensor. Car started running like new again after they changed it.