My 2007 is totally dead, won't even respond to a jump start

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2007 XC90
Okay, here's the story. This 2007 XC90's shifter's gotten kinda wonky. Sometimes it sticks in Park and requires a pretty firm jerk getting it out of there. Well, the other day, my wife had to jerk it out of Park and the shifter came apart -- well, at least the button did. It broke and she wasn't able to operate the car. Well, it was possible to drive it, but she couldn't get it into Reverse, nor into Park. So when she finally got it home, it was late. So I told her just to leave it in Neutral and put the parking brake on and that I'd take a look at the shifter the next day.

It was actually a pretty easy fix -- or partial one at least. I was able to use super glue on the button and it held, but there's a piece on the top of the button's plastic that's missing -- plastic that holds a metal pin in place. Anyway, I installed the shifter and it worked as before, with me usually having to jerk it pretty hard to get it out of Park. But when I went to start the car, there was nothing. No lights, no warning bongs, nothing. And obviously the starter didn't work. We hit up our next-door neighbor for a jump start. I'm assuming I was using the correct spot to hook up the cables. The big hot wire connection next to the fuse box next to the AMM under the hood. I grounded the other cable on the shock tower. Got a decent spark when I completed the circuit with the neighbor's car. But there was still nothing. Not even the smallest of lights. And obviously the starter didn't operate. So I called my Volvo mechanic and asked if they could help -- maybe there's a master fuse or link or reset switch somewhere that needs to be attended to? But no, they had nothing. Told me we'd have to bring it in and let them check things out -- at the better part of $100 an hour.

So, I'm tossing my predicament out to the forumind. See if y'all know something that I don't -- which is likely considerable. Recommendations? Repair procedures? Give up and have it towed to my Volvo guy? I'm open to any and all suggestions -- except maybe the last one. TIA.