2007 xc90 (new to me)


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2007 xc90
I purchased a xc90 v8 a few days ago with 120000 miles for what seemed to be a pretty good deal. I test drove it and everything seemed to be ok. Had around a 2 hour drive home and the wife was pleased with it. She really likes the size of the vehicle and the way it handles. I think we made a pretty good purchase. Everything was fine for the next two days.

On the third day, she called me because of a message that appeared. Over voltage stop safely. I told her to park it in the parking lot at the shopping center she was in and wait. Luckily, I was already on the way home from work and was able to pick her and the kids up. I inspected the car later that evening and found that it was charging at 17 volts. A little internet search showed me that it was most likely the alternator and its the type of job that is above my level. At least too much of a pain in the neck that I am taking it to a local shop and let them do it for us.

I ran it up to a friends house that lived close by and left it there till I had a shop arranged to take it to. Tonight, I went to move it to the shop from where its parked and found it completely dead. No lights, nothing at all. I didn't have anything with me to jump it and it was getting close to bed time for the kids so I had to abandon my plans and regroup.

Any help would be a godsend. I am questioning my entire purchase at this point. I really like the car and I hope this can be resolved.