Environmental fan blows constantly

So, we bought our CPO 2016 XC90 T8 Inscription over the Thanksgiving 2017 holiday period, had it shipped to Oahu, picked it up on a Tuesday the last week of the 2017 calendar year, and were rear ended at a stoplight two days later! It finally got to the body shop two weeks ago (apparently all the good ones were backed up from distracted holiday drivers) and spent six days in the shop, revealing more damage than originally expected.

After removal of the bumper and repainting the lift gate, we pick it up a week ago and the environmental fan is running constantly. No change in the controls effects an actual change in the temperature or fan speed, but it will not blow cold air. Plus, condensation has completely coated the inside of the windshield.

We promptly take it to a newly-opened dealer since the old dealer lost their franchise permission to operate while our vehicle was enroute via shipping. That dealer has now had the car for five business days and had to disconnect the hybrid battery to prevent discharge from Saturday afternoon to Monday morning.

Supposedly a software update was performed, the rear bumper scan was recalibrated, the lift gate sensor was checked, but the environmental fan continues to run. The dealership is waiting for a technical request to the mainland to provide guidance.

Anyone else have this experience? Supposedly the body shop did not touch the electrical system even though our personal settings were deleted similar to a factory reset.

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Today starts the third week that this issue has not been resolved and the dealer waits every day for ?tech line assist? in California to provide serial problem solving guidance.

What is the pain threshold at which Volvo Customer Care Center begins to take an active role in driving towards a solution?!

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