Driver door armrest XC90


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I have just taken delivery of an R Design XC90. Brilliant car in so many ways, but has anyone solved the problem of the drivers door armrest? The fitted armmrest is too low, the window cill too high, so there is nowhere to rest ones elbow. Raising the armrest by a couple of inches seems to be the answer, but I cant find anyone who sells a product to achieve this. Clearly it needs to be good quality and a match for the black interior. Any ideas?
I am sure you already tried adjusting your seat (height too) - just checking, to me it was never an issue...
Snaprest makes a high dollar door armrest pad that inserts into the door pull to secure itself, where most pads like Elbow Friend would just fall off when cornering with spirt. Not sure if they make one for Volvos.
SnapRest(R) - The Instant Comfort Armrest. Ford F-150 (2009-14 ONLY) Premium leather version