Child Seat in 2nd row - Headrest intrusion

Hello all.

Has anyone had issues with the 2nd seat headrest pushing into the back of a child seat? This makes the seat angle sub-optimum. Not sure if the headrest comes out.

I'm trying to use the outboard seats versus the middle, as my son wants to rest his feet on the center console, which has the heating/cooling system controls for the rear.

What have you done?

Actually, I'd like to know the answer to this question too. And, is there a way to disable the headrest fold down button? When we have our kids back there with child seats attached, we would want to be able to prevent the headrests from folding down so as not to hit them.

Does anyone know how to to this?



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I would like to disable this feature as well. I have accidentally pushed the button from the center display while my child is seated in the back and it hit her. Not a fan of this feature. I would like to completely disable this button if there's a way to do it.