2018 xc90

Anyone trading in the 2017 for 2018? Why is Volvo making the(sounds like it) 2018 so much better than the 2017? Can they just upgrade the technology etc. for our 2017?
I haven't read anything about the differences. Anything remarkable?



I would think a lot of the updates are more tuning related. If acceleration is the main issue then you can always get a Polestar tune.
Yes, "much better acceleration" is what they are claiming. Other than that, better sensus technology.
Interesting... Unless its really tuning as stated above, they would have to make changes to the engine or transmission to accomplish better acceleration. I don't see them making many changes to the hardware, as they are using it in almost every new Volvo coming to the USA.

I can see some changes to the sensus just being simple software updates. Those would likely trickle to current model years as service is completed.

Anyway, thanks for the heads up!

I just ordered the 2018. They changed what you get as standard as well as changing the content of the packages compared to 2017 and 2016. in 2018 they give you as standard such things as BLIS, Adaptive Cruise Control, Volvo On Call with engine remote start with a complimentary 4 year subscription (it was a six mo. complimentary for 2016 and 2017 models), and takes away some other things as standard, namely the Nappa Leather on the Inscription (it's still perforated leather though).