2017 Post Service CEL, Filler Cap

United States
What I Drive
2017 XC90 Inscription
Just had my 2017 XC90 serviced for it's 70K scheduled. All standard checks and such, spark plugs, oil change/filter, software update.

Next day when I stated up, the check engine light came on, which was the first time this has ever happened with my car (had it since new). When I returned to the dealer, they claimed after reading the codes, etc. that the worn out fuel filler flap was the reason and I would be responsible for the additional fee (after about $800 already). I successfully argued that since it had never tripped the code before it was possible, but doubtful this just happened at this time and was unrelated to the work they did. The dealer did cover the cost of the replacement work and noted there was a Volvo bulletin on this issue. No CEL since.

Has anyone else experienced this?

My theory is that the software upgrade included a more sensitive check and that's why the the CEL.

But just a theroy.