2010 xc90 v8 need some info and advice

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2010 xc90 v8
Anyone still use this website? hoping some are still active in the forum.
Alright! so i purchased a 2010 xc90 v8 about a month ago. haven't done much to it yet, mostly because there is very little info/ community it seems. but i tinted the windows and it looks much better.

I currently live in northern colorado, but am about to throw the animals in the xc and head east. bought the vehicle for the obvious reasons, but mainly the v8 (so i can tow a trailer comfortably), as well as make it in any terrain and feel safe while doing so. i have two dogs that will be accompanying me on the road. the old one is 13yo 100lb black lab. the other is young female about 45 lbs. i liked how the vehicle handled and felt more so than its main competitor that i was looking at (lexus 470). i initially thought i wanted to lift it as i will be towing a small enclosed cargo trailer. but i would like some more info/ insight if available. cant find any decent lift suspension kits. kbut did find a couple decent ones that lower the vehicle.

I am not young by any means but i am not a grandpa either. i would like to freshen her look up a bit, the tint helped, i think it would look better with leveling kit, and any upgrades available for the exterior trim?

If I lowered the vehicle like 30ish mm would that make a difference in the towing/ handling capability? could i still tow? i dont see why not right? just a custom hitch if need be..

I will be on some shaky roads now and again and would probably prefer the performance of a lift, level, and bigger tires. but worse mileage..

I read about a couple software upgrades as well?

Any tuning mods recommended? i was def gonna get it chipped. will prob do an intercooler, and maybe cold air?

anyone towed with this vehicle? if so what size and kind of trailer would you recommend? what kind of hitch? worried about the trailer gettin squirly. i was thinking 6'x12' tandem axle..

i have much more to ask lol but this works for now. please contact me if you have some decent info.

Drew Sevcik