2006 XC90 wont start, performing like there is no battery. BUT......


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The Battery is. I will start from the beginning and hopefully someone can help cause Im at a complete loss right now. Now going on 3 weeks maybe even more. At of no where my light came on and a message followed right after got a message on my dashboard SRS airbag urgent message. I dived right in to figure how to fix the urgent message. But after all my research and me trying everything under the sun the the urgent message is still there. The vehicle has been running ruff I noticed the lack of power it had it just felt heavy. So I plugged in OBD no codes. This week I got a check engine and error code was for Mass Air. Yesterday I replaced the mass air flow before doing so I disconnected the battery both terminals after replacing my Mass Air I decided to reset my ECM everything looked good so I put it back in. i connected the battery back everything was going good so far till I put my key in to start the SUV and nothing. The lights work when you open the doors but thats it nothing else. No l
Lights on dashboard cant turn on the headlights power door locks power windows dont work there is no ignition sound just nothing. I checked fuses. I dont know where to go from here. Any advice or help would be much appreciated.