Would you purchase a Manufacturer Buyback?

I'm looking to buy a 2016 XC90. Found one that priced a good bit lower than similarly equipped ones, but it has a branded title because it was a manufacturer buyback. The reason given on the CarFax report is "Center information screen is inoperative." (I can see the screen is working now.)

The dealer selling it says, "This vehicle was a manufacturer buyback because of software related problems. The vehicles run off the software and all software has been updated to fix said problems. Volvo has given this vehicle lifetime software updates due to this buyback."

Would you consider buying such a vehicle?
If you can save more than $5k or more (cost of repairs), than go ahead.
Try and negotiate a longer warranty (or reduced cost on an extended warranty).
My newly bought 16 XC 90 has had the same issues but I am keeping it because it is an overall great vehicle.


Depends on how much you save and if the savings is worth your peace of mind. Normally I'd say no when it comes to anything software or electrical related. Not to mention right off the bat your resale value to a big hit.
In my experience most software related problems are solved with the latest up(grad)(dat)es. So go for it if the price is right and the full waranty is maintained.