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Hi! I've got a leased 2019 XC90 T6 Momentum and love it. However, I'm not in love with the 5000lb tow restriction. I'm realizing how severely limited I am in finding a travel trailer for a family of 4 with a bunkhouse. I want to post a few questions to all of you that have consistently pulled heavier items like this for longer distances.

1. I'm looking at the 2021 Gulf Stream Enlighten 25BH, dry weight of 3900lb. After adding water (about 180lbs), propane (54lbs) and all camping gear (for a 6-12 month road trip) i'm up to about 4600-4800lbs. We will be staying at Air BnB's as well to supplement.
So, Volvo publishes a 5000lb tow restriction that apparently needs to be reduced 10% for every 3000' of elevation. Is this 5000lbs a structural or mechanical limitation?

2. Regarding the 5000lb restriction, my "family of 4 weight" (440lbs), a full gas tank (120lbs), plus about 100-200lbs of items in a shell on top of SUV and in the back and adding a full volvo tow package (weight?) these numbers subtract from the 5000lbs? So, effectively I can now only tow 5000 - 660 = 4340lbs? I've read about the max GCVR (Gross combined vehicle restriction) and how you need to take this into account when pulling a trailer so you may not be able to tow the max amount because you've got for example 4, 200lb guys and a bunch gear in the SUV itself. Has anyone seen a published GCVR number for the XC90?

3. So, we will be consistently pulling a trailer weighing about 4500lbs up inclines and at high altitudes approaching 9000' MSL. Is this safe to consistently do? My SUV is currently on lease so I'm leary to push that 5000lb restriction if anything were to happen such as a transmission failure I'm sure it would void any warranties. Any advice would be appreciated regarding towing long distances at this weight and what type of hitch system was used and trailer recommendations for a family of 4 (4 and 6yr old) with a bunkhouse/beds. The BMW X5 has a tow rating of 6600lbs which is a huge leap from the 5000 number and gets you into better trailer options, but the XC90 is a much better platform in my opinion.....just wondering how far I can push this before it's no longer a good idea. Thanks all!

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