Returning to the Volvo fold

Silver Spring
United States
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2017 XC90
Good morning everyone from near Washington DC.

It's been many years since I last owned a Volvo, and we're looking at a used luxury level SUV, with long haul driving in mind. The XC90 appears to be a more reasonable choice (we've test driven the 2017 Mercedes Benz GLS450, and it's gorgeous, but are concerned about some potentially huge maintenance bills, largely tied in with the complexity of the vehicle).

If we go for a used XC90, must-haves for TheWife are : back-up camera, and blind spot indicator. I've been trying to tease out which of the years and versions of the XC90 have these features (or can have them fitted) but have not found anything posted. Does anyone have relevant model information that they could share?

One other thing to mention is that we'd be interested in more powerful engine versions as they occur amongst the different models. I can see a common issue in online reviews across the models - that the available power is considered 'adequate' or something less than that. Thanks everyone, and enjoy your weekend!