Rear brakes replaced at 28k miles?

We just took our 2016 XC90 T6 in for 30k mile service.
We were told to replace the rear brake pads and rotors due to wear. This is the first car I can remember to ever have to replace brakes in the first 28k miles! And odd the rear brakes at that.
Think the electronic emergency brake wears these out faster than normal?

I did it and paid $850 for the service. Ouch!

Thoughts? Anybody else run into this ???
I priced (4) new performance (Centric) rotors and Bendix CQ (ceramic) pads for $545 shipped to my door. I'm at 40k and am getting a quote from the dealership on replacement, as I now have a slight vibration from the rear rotors. Will post my quote.

If you look at Volvo Parts, you'll see the rotors are around $100 a piece, and pads $69 to $75....
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update on brakes

Update today: 9 27 18
Having ALL of my rotors and pads replaced UNDER WARRANTY at 36k miles (40k mile service) today.
Rear pads and rotors replaced at 28k miles and 6 months ago and we paid for them ($800+).

Now Dealership states TSB from Volvo states front rotors and pads are prone to defects and to be replaced under warranty with customer complaints of vibration at braking (we have this).

All take notice and keep a watch on your brakes.

It is only two adults and 5 dogs travelling in the back for us so no weight issue here.
Dealerships states Volvo brake pads and rotors wear out FASTER for improved braking performance; ALWAYS been this way. Hmmm. Interesting.

At least Volvo is covering this time for all replaced and said they will again if in the next 12 months (1 year) or still under warranty.


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I wonder if the premature brake wear is because the "self-driving"/automated cruise control actively slows the car down all of the time (even when you adjust the cruise control speed downward) rather than letting the car coast down to the slower speed?
Same here. At 20k the dealer stated we have about 2k more miles before we need to do a rear brake replacement. The fronts were done at 17k (warped rotors). Does this concern anyone in terms of long term ownership?
The dealership says this brake replacement is "perfectly normal" for Volvos.
My issue is now Volvo corporate is covering the rotors (front and back) for warpage. Huh? Corporate says not normal and dealership says 8k miles ago it was/is normal.
Who is correct?
Warpage is not normal. Over 50k and my front brakes are still wonderfully smooth...and thats with plenty of spirited and long distance drives. Rears replaced at 40k
My dealer seems more like a scam to me, it looks like the smallest mom-and-pop shop in town, with the showroom heavily outdated. There used to be a previous dealer in our area that shut down... wouldn't be surprised if this one does too. Same for you guys?