Map update gone bad

What I Drive
2008 xc90
Hi Everyone, Need some help if possible. Just purchased my 2008 xc90. Everything was great, and working. Former owner said he would update the maps on this for me. Well Here comes the grief. He used a burned copy of volvos map update 2015. The unit supposedly downloaded some files then suddenly stopped reading the disc when the screen appeared that it would take 220 minutes to complete.
I haggled the price lower as now the navi it frozen saying insert update disc to continue. I purchased a legal copy of volvo map update2017. But the unit does not recognize the discs. Have had a volvo dealership try to work their magic and they had no luck they put a report into Volvo Engineering and tried working with them to get this unit restored but nothing doing. Of course they say the only course of action is to install replacement unit, 2022.78 which is out of the question.
I see that there are some units available on ebay and other sites with matching part numbers and model numbers, My question is will these just drop in or does Volvo have to use their units to match to vehicle? Has anyone just installed the MMM unit under the drivers seat and had it work?

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