Lease or Purchasing?

Lease or Purchase?

  • Lease

    Votes: 4 23.5%
  • Purchase

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Purchase. With extended warranty and maintenance plans.

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I purchased my Inscription and added the VIP platinum plan for 6 years 100K miles. With all the electronics, I figured that was the only way to go.

Rob, Can you tell me what the Platinum plan costs? I know that Volvo has a 4 year 50K warranty, so basically it sounds like Platinum essentially is a 2 year 50K warranty. I know that others like BMW offer this kind of warranty at the end of the normal warranty, so wondering if there are any advantages to buying it now versus waiting until year 4. Thanks, Mil

Sorry for the delay. My son got married last week and we pretty much were out of the loop on many things.

I went and looked up the Platinum warranty I bought. It was $2350 for the additional 2 year extension and 50k miles. covers me for 100k miles and 72 months of ownership. I have a $100 deductible for anything beyond the 4 year 50K warranty. I'm sure others did better, but I didn't care and wanted the additional coverage. I had a LandRover LR4 and the extended warranty paid for itself the first year the manufacture warranty ran up. Compressors and sensors get expensive...

Drive less than 10k a year, lease. Drive more than 10k a year, purchase.

I put on over 30k my first year lol