Irritating harmonic vibration noise seemingly coming from driver side engine compartment

We were early lessees of the 2016 XC90 and have now moved on to a 2019 Momentum with 21" wheels and Pirelli Scorpion tires. This new car has a very irritating, harmonic vibration noise which is seemingly coming from the driver side engine compartment when the car is moving along at slow speeds which is most of the city driving I do. When going over somewhat bumpy surfaces, the sound has more of a hollow, drumming quality to it. The usual consistent road noise from the tires meeting the pavement is also present. Our original XC90 didn't exhibit this noise, or I certainly would not have leased another. Our son also has a 2019 Inscription model (which motivated me to get a 2019 because his car was so much quieter than our 2016) with the same wheels and tires, but no similar harmonic vibration noise. Anyone else experience this noise and gotten to the root of the problem?


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Check engine bay for loose plastic trim...I had a pin come loose, causing the rear passenger top plastic to rattle close to the firewall above the glovebox, after re-installed the loose clip, my noise vanished.